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Gravels & Decorative Rock

With our massive selection of decorative rock in bags or bulk we will have something to add the WOW factor to your garden.

How much do you Need?

blue metal agg

A basalt rock used for drainage mainly but can be used on driveways and paths.

1st grade limestone roadbase

A 20mm roadbase used on driveways and as a base for dry stack retaining walls.

2nd grade roadbase

Still packs hard as a rock but has a slightly higher clay content than 1st grade.

5mm river grit

A fine grit can be use on paths or in concrete mixs.

crusher dust

Used under concrete or as a base for paving.

large river rock

Can be used for rubble drains but also looks good as a dry creek bed.

White Scoria

A crushed and rumbled Ryolite, one of the top 3 pebbles we stock approx. 20mm in size.


A volcanic rock very light and a natural red great in the garden as a mulch but not suitable in driveways.

10mm Red river pebble

Red river pebble is a river pebble from Denman its has more colour than the local river pebble. It lends its self to paths and the like. 


This rock can make a feature of any tree, plant or feature. with its varied size it gives great texture to any space.

Sommersby Pebble

A beautiful new addition to our range of decorative pebbles a mix of Sandstone Ironstone and Quartzite. Perfect for paths or feature gardens.

pearl pebble

A 20mm Round Quartzite, The top end pebble suits all types of landscsapes.